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I had the absolute pleasure of being coached by Amanda recently to help with issues around imposter syndrome and some self-limiting beliefs that had arisen from past traumas in my life. Amanda was excellent and over our sessions together and helped take me on a journey to explore what my core strengths are so that I could recognise and focus more on what I’m good at and let go of the negative beliefs.

Since my coaching sessions with Amanda my business has gone from strength to strength. I’ve had my most successful couple of months ever; I’ve made more money in the months since my coaching sessions with Amanda than I had done in the entire previous year!!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Amanda. I can’t thank her enough for all she has done.

Louise Keher of Indigo Social

You have given me a great boost in getting my confidence back, to be positive about the decisions I make and to feel good about my life going forward. 

You reminded me about the great things I have experienced so far and my achievements. I have also learnt a great deal about myself, skills that I did not realise I had or just forgotten.  

You have shown me how these experiences, achievements and skills can be so useful in my everyday life and in a new career. 

So, thank you for your listening, for your guidance and for your understanding. 

You're amazing.


I instantly connected with Amanda and felt like I was talking to an old friend. I found it very helpful and felt like I emptied my head and then Amanda picked up the pieces and sorted them all out. Thank you so very much.


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